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Isaiah 64

Aches And Pains

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Isaiah 64:1-9;


ear has not heard the eye has not seen the mind can not understand the things god has for them who love him..


still yet I think we all have aches and pains at this time of year when the old north wind blows down on us and the cold wet weather comes piercing through us…


we do have pains in our lives, depite the wonderful promises of god…..some like my wife Linda has more than their share of aches and pains, but the many hallelujahs  we have in our lives far out weighs the pains we have.  amen?


eye hath not seen the ear hath not heard and the mind can not understand…….

This is the spring season that has befell us, it’s hard to believe that, if you look outside, but as we head toward easter and we see the Catholics really picking up their good works for God.


this time of year between Fat Tuesday and easter is where they build toward finally being clean enough to see the lord jesus.

i am glad i don’t have to be clean enough to see jesus… I am glad he takes me like i am.  amen?


The Lord is dealing with us this morning about the way Isaiah was led in his writings….here we have isaiah finishing the great promises of God.


he’s in the 64th chapter of his life and god lets isaiah see the future and he left flat footed as he tries to interpret

you can’t even understand what i have for you…..isaiah had seen by gods spirit the coming of Our Lord and all jesus would have to go through….and now he was worn out from the past and he is wondering just how long O’Lord will it be…..


It sounds like Isaiah is getting bitter as he has saw what the destruction of the coming Messiah was to be, so Isaiah is questioning God about why He is holding back on His coming.

How many of you have questioned God at times about His coming?..


Come on God, we say, show your enemies just who you are and what a mighty God they are dealing with.

Maybe time for a story…before I start meddling

a man was telling his can be named bitter or bubbles when you go through lifes adversities… which one do your friends think you are…


we have all been through a lot in life and we all have much more to go through…. we have the choice to be called bitter; or to be called Bubbles.”


you can be bitter or cheerful her dad told her but if you are ever going to be much… you have to make you choices wisely


You know people, everyday, we have choices to make…. And one of the biggest choices you will ever make is weather to be cheerful or not…. You and you alone have to make that decision….


A retired United Methodist bishop once said: “If you are at the stage of life or age of life when your back goes out more than you do, do not let your aches get in the way of your alleluias.”

That’s a good message for us. 


I will be the first to tell you people that, “Life is difficult and life is complex.”.

Life is both difficult and complex, its hard at times to live.


especially when we see so little hope for mankind with all of his diseases and all of his bombs and all of his meanness and all of his birth defects and all of his faults and failures…


It’s nice to have spring because spring is a season of hope. The prophet Isaiah cried out to God, “O that Thou would rend the heavens and come down . .  . .” 


We affirm during this season of the year the most basic teachings of our faith that God has come down into our world through the person of Jesus Christ.


The Word has become incarnate, it has became flesh and now life does not seem as daunting, as frightening, as dreary or as gray. amen?


Today we opened our scriptures that is leading us to be thankful for the celebration of the early rain or spring time. we accept the great promises of god……as We prepare the way for the Lord to enter OUR HEARTS more deeply. This is why we do not lose heart or hope. 


This is why our aches do not drown out our alleluias because our God comes to us. our god is with us. God came to us to change our lives from chaos to completion. 


Mark’s Gospel deals with that event that shall herald the end of history,  the Second Coming of Christ.  The biblical description of that final victory of good over evil, light over darkness, love over hatred is both vivid and disturbing.


And yet the second coming of Christ will be no more dramatic in its consequences for humankind than his first coming. 


I would like for you to think for a moment of just how dramatic the first coming of Christ was unto the world…the angels in all their host was shouting Hallelujah to the King, peace on earth, good will to men….

The power of his first coming is still resounding in the world today church. 


Jesus has already taught us not to speculate as to when the great day of his coming will be.

There are more important issues at hand. Let’s consider some of those important issues for a few moments. 



The gospel lesson assures us today people,  that history will find its completion in Christ.


There is a mighty power that has been sweeping over our world whether we have been aware of it or not.. God has been preparing for the second coming of Christ….


The power behind this universe is a power that is disrupting and healing. God is at work now and the second coming is the only thing that will bring God’s work here now to completion. 


This is exactly what the power of God can do in the life of one who makes a commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Our faith enables us to walk through the valley of dark experiences.

We are not to camp out for the rest of our life in the place of despair and fear.:


I know we have aches and pains…. God knows you have aches and pains. I, you, and god, knows the joy we had in our younger years is deteriorating and the enthusiasm that we once had has been slowed but our aging bodies…. by our frailities, by our failures…


Many of us fail to remember that Satan has already been judged and defeated.


When Jesus Christ died on the cross our sin debt was paid in full. Satan was defeated. We don’t fight the good fight to achieve the victory.. jesus already won that….


we only have to wait now for the things god promised…..

eye hath not seen. the ear hath not heard and the mind can not understand the things god has for those who love him..


Don’t lose heart jesus is telling you this morning…. don’t let your aches get in the way of your alleluias. Live now.



Christ’s words about the climactic end to history that we have all read with fear is not to frighten us but to reassure us. 


Regardless of how difficult things will be for us  Christ wants us to know that they we are in God’s hands. We do not need to be afraid. 


Jesus Christ did come to free us to be all that God wants us to be. From that moment when Jesus Christ entered the human race at Bethlehem, there came power and there came light into our world. There came life and there came a future.


No matter how hard circumstances seem to be, there is never a time in the life of a child of God ought to conclude, “That’s it! I quit! I throw in the towel! I give up!”


If God can reach down and touch the earth in all its darkness and sin and win the victory, God can bring victory into our situation whatever that situation may be. 


its like this grandmother who was telling about her granddaughter and how she got the dubious part of the Bethlehem star in a Christmas play. 


After her first rehearsal, she burst through the door with her costume, a five-pointed star lined in shiny gold tinsel designed to drape over her like a sandwich board.


“What exactly will you be doing in the play?” her grandmother asked her. 

“I just stand there and shine,” her granddaughter answered. Grandmother says she has never forgotten that response. 


Wouldn’t be great if we all could just stand and shine a while in life…

Maybe we would have a little better world.

Jesus’ disciples were concerned about the future and their part in it.  Jesus wanted them to know that their role was to stay behind and shine.


But they would not be alone. He would be with them. He would give them the power to transform their aches into alleluias. 


God warms our hearts doesn’t he? when we keep our eyes fixed on God then he is going to make us victorious. It is so easy to lose ourselves in self-pity to be called Bitter rather than be called Bubbles.


There are situations in life that, if not dealt with properly, leave us depressed and weary. These are times when, from our perspective, things appear as if they will never change.


However, from God’s perspective all things are working together for our good and God’s glory. 


Even though you may struggle, you can be victorious by placing your trust in Jesus Christ. And even though your life may be touched by strife and sorrow, you can have peace because Christ is your living hope.


He is infinitely stronger than anything you are facing. 

With God’s strength flowing through you, you can live to fight another day. 


In what appears to be so much darkness, we are called to trust in God, called out of fear into the power of faith. The Bible promises us that in the midst of darkness, we will be able to see the “Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.” 

“Stand up and raise your heads because your redemption is drawing near.” 


What a word of hope and victory! That is what spring is all about. It is the promise that enables us to move from fear to faith. Our task is to wait for that promise of redemption because that redemption can transform our aches into alleluias. 


I pity those who are content to sit on the sidelines complaining while others are in the arena spending themselves in the cause of Christ. 


 God says this morning, there’s big work to do and that’s why you are here! 

“It’s because of the promise I made long ago you can “Stand up and raise your heads because your redemption is drawing near.” 

I know you are hurting, I know of your aches and pains, I know of your troubles say’s God….

But I also know of your allelujahs………

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